Dear Lecturer

· #life

There is something I want to say to all the lecturers who teach me and I hope the post does not hurt anyone.

Now, I’m an electrical engineering student at a university in Surabaya. It was fun to be a college student because you faced different study experiences than in high school: freedom, flexibility, and others.

But the flexibility and freedom brings a bad side if someone cannot handle them well.

Like I’m facing now as a second-semester student.

Something weird has been running since the semester started. It was not like I’m studying at university. A lot of lectures just give a simple lesson or are absent.

My expectation is simple: the lecturer will give a complex lesson because I want more information from them.

Is it wrong to set expectations like that if you say, “Don’t bring high school experience to college because it’s different”, while my friend at another university gets the same high school experience?

Sometimes, they ask questions about which they do not teach completely and leave some students upset.

You can guess what the next sentence is: “cheating at the test”.

When the student got a high score when they were cheating on the exam. They don’t understand what they did and are still continuing with the next semester.

It will be bad because they will be mediocre engineers, and at the same time, the nation needs them for the progress of the nation and a better life.

I cannot say explain more happened if it is true.  

But as the others said, “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times.”

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